🌟 Introducing Our New Marketing Intern: Michelle Yalekhue🌟

We’re delighted to introduce Michelle Yalekhue to the Swoperz family! We feel incredibly fortunate to have Michelle on board, and we are excited about the talent and enthusiasm she brings. With her youthful energy, Michelle is set to shake things up in the most stylish way possible. Not only is she skilled in marketing, but her love for fashion is a big advantage for us. Plus, her commitment to sustainability mirrors our own values.

Want to find out more about Michelle? Read below for some awesome facts about our amazing new intern!

Name: Michelle Yalekhue

University Course: Marketing BSc

Why You Were Keen to Be an Intern at Swoperz:

I was drawn to Swoperz for its innovative, forward-thinking perspective on blending fashion and sustainability, setting it apart from the fast fashion and consumer culture prevalent in society today. From the start, I saw the vision and wanted to be a part of this growth. I believe in making Swoperz a safe realm for kids to trade clothes, empowering kids’ fashion styling, and educating both kids and adults on how they can contribute to a better environment for all.

An Unusual Fact About Yourself: 

I am a national athlete, competing in the women’s triple jump U20. This February, I won the National England Championships and finished my season ranked No. 1 in the country. I have also participated in the Senior British Athletics Indoor Championship held in Birmingham, aired on the BBC. Despite being the youngest athlete and still a junior, I managed to make the finals of the event, and now ChatGPT knows me!

Describe Your Fashion Vibe:

Because of my active lifestyle, I typically gravitate towards cozy athleisure outfits, which make me feel comfortable and content. This is also the style I prefer in my day-to-day. However, when I’m meeting a friend, I lean towards a classic look—pairing jeans with a basic top and cool trainers. Simple but effective, this approach suits me perfectly.

Who Is Your Favourite Fashion Designer and Why? 

As of now, my fashion heart belongs to Mia Zotos, the creative genius behind Mode Mischief Studios, a vibrant 90s-themed clothing store in Melbourne, Australia. Mia’s designs masterfully blend contemporary and vintage styles, creating a perfect mix of nostalgic vibes and modern flair.

Although dresses aren’t usually my go-to, Mia’s creations have a magnetic allure that draws me in. Each piece feels playful yet sophisticated, making me want to wear them every day. Mode Mischief’s talent for combining the best of both eras into chic, wearable art truly sets them apart in the fashion world.

Your Favourite Item of Clothing:  

Hoodies are my wardrobe staples—simple, versatile, and perfect for any outing, especially with the UK’s unpredictable weather. Adanola hoodies, in particular, are my top choice for their unmatched comfort and style.

Favourite Influencer: Cassia Tierney Clarke

My favourite influencer is Cassia, a lifestyle influencer who runs the podcast ‘9 Lives.’ Her show dives into self-wellness topics like ‘Building Courage,’ ‘How to Stop Self-Sabotaging,’ and ‘Finding Your Purpose.’ Cassia shares her incredible journey, from marathon runs to overcoming mental health challenges. While I might not relate to all her experiences, her progress and authenticity inspire me. I admire Cassia because she doesn’t glamorize the life of an athlete or influencer. She shows the real, unfiltered ups and downs, which makes her relatable and genuinely motivating.

We can’t wait to see Michelle’s fantastic influence over our social media channels. Stay tuned for exciting updates and fresh perspectives as she brings her unique touch to Swoperz. Welcome aboard, Michelle! 💚