Our Top 10 Tips For Finding Quality Preloved Kids’ Clothes

There can be a lot to learn as a parent, from how to spot a rash at 10 feet to understanding the awesomeness of Barbie. Luckily, when it comes to children’s clothes, Swoperz keeps it simple! 

Kids aged six to 16 can securely swap their clothes, save up digital tokens and protect the planet, all while empowering them to discover their own style. 

If you’re new to the concept of pre-loved clothes, welcome! We’ve put together a few tips to ensure you get the most out of this clean, green market.       

Remember to buy big 

Most kids grow like weeds, especially when they are younger. Sometimes you’ve no sooner snapped up an outfit you love than they’ve outgrown it! 

If you can, it’s worth buying sizes that are bigger than you need, to ensure your little one gets to enjoy their funky t-shirt or cool jeans. 

 One of the secret benefits of buying second hand is that some children’s clothes can be a little bigger than the original size as they’ve already been worn. 

Keep an eye on quality

Every item uploaded to the Swoperz site is pre-vetted to ensure the quality is top-notch. 

That’s because we believe second hand children’s clothes should still have plenty of wear in them, whether they’re from a major brand or not. 

If you see items on other sites that have stains or evidence of wear and they are not specifically labelled, it’s worth asking if you’re getting good value for money.  

Go for well-known brands 

The second hand clothes market makes it easier than ever to kit out your kid in big-name brands, at a fraction of the cost of their regular price. 

Many popular brands make great quality clothes that will wash and wear for years. When your child outgrows them, post them on the Swoperz site!

Watch out for wear and tear on shoes 

Sometimes, keeping up with your kids’ growing feet feels like a full-time job. Being able to buy pre-loved trainers, boots and shoes can be a lifesaver, especially for children who need bigger sizes. 

When it comes to buying second hand shoes, make sure the photos show the sole. Imagine buying a pair of trainers your child will love, only to find they’re worn through – disaster!   

Can you see what you’re buying?

It’s a no-brainer but there are lots of clothes on other sites that aren’t displayed clearly or have photos taken from multiple angles. 

To avoid nasty surprises, make sure you can see every inch of all the clothes in your order before you buy. 

How do costs compare to the regular price?

The pre-loved clothes market has boomed in recent years, giving many people a great chance to make a little money on the side. 

That said, there are plenty of vendors looking to sell second hand clothes for close to or more than the regular price. 

It’s worth asking yourself a few questions before placing orders for any items. Is the item brand new? Is it a genuine designer piece? Why does the site want to sell it for so much?  

Be safe online 

There are lots of second hand clothes sites out there. While that’s great for the environment, it can increase the risk of encountering scams or fraudulent vendors. 

Kids and parents who subscribe to Swoperz have to prove their age and identity before swapping items but other platforms may not be so rigorous.  

We highly recommend checking a vendor’s recommendations or look for other kinds of social proof to ensure they’re on the level. 

Can you contact the company owners easily?

Even the biggest sites can have technical hiccups. If that happens, how easily can you get hold of the company behind it? 

At Swoperz, all it takes to contact us is an email. 

Is the site secure?

It’s great being able to snap up items at a fraction of their regular price but not every pre-loved fashion site is secure.

 Because Swoperz is a subscription-based service, everyone is verified – both adults and children. 

Our commitment to online safety means kids can place orders for great clothes, discover a new brand and help the planet in a secure environment, while their parents have complete peace of mind. 

Visit regularly to see new stock 

One of the biggest thrills about pre-loved clothes is you never know what’s in the latest batch of new stock. 

It’s always great to stumble on something fabulous and you can only do that with regular visits! 

Every time you log into Swoperz it’s more than just clothes shopping: it’s a journey of discovery, empowerment and sustainability. 

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