Swoperz Wins eBay UK & British Fashion Council Circular Fashion Innovators Fund 2024

Hey Swoperz Squad! 

We’re absolutely buzzing to share some incredible news with all of you! Swoperz has been named the proud winner of the eBay Fashion Fund in collaboration with the British Fashion Council. 🎉🌟 

It’s been an amazing journey and from the get-go, we’ve been blown away by the support and guidance we’ve received from our friends at eBay. Their mentorship has been nothing short of invaluable, helping us navigate the exciting world of preloved fashion. 

But wait, there’s more! Along the way, we’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with some seriously awesome sustainable fashion start-ups. Let’s give a virtual round of applause to our fellow contenders! 🌱👏 We’ve been inspired by their passion, creativity, and dedication to making the fashion industry a better place. And hey, who knows? Maybe there’s a collab or two in our future! 😉 

Winning this award is not just a victory for Swoperz, but a celebration of the incredible community that supports us. Each and every one of you has played a part in our journey, and we’re beyond grateful for your continued love and support. 

So, here’s to Swoperz, eBay UK, the British Fashion Council, and to all of you amazing Swoperz enthusiasts out there! Let’s keep spreading the love for sustainable fashion, one swap at a time. 💚✨