Nurturing a Community of Kindness: Swoperz x Venner Partnership

💚 Kinder to your Body and Kinder to the Planet 💚

We are overjoyed to share the heart-warming news of Swoperz’s collaboration with Venner, an award-winning social enterprise dedicated to reducing poverty and fostering social well-being through nutritious, plant-based food aid. Together, we are extending our community of kindness, weaving sustainable fashion, nutrition, and education into a tapestry of positive change.

Spreading Nourishment and Goodness: A Project with Purpose

Our partnership with Venner takes on a meaningful form with a project alongside Hillingdon Council. Venner Nutrition Boxes, complete with a meal plan and recipes, are on their way to 500 families with children in need, bringing nourishment and warmth in early January.

Supporting Kids, Nurturing Communities: HAF Programme

This initiative aligns seamlessly with the government’s HAF programme, offering support to children relying on school meals during holidays. Venner’s home-based healthy eating experience empowers families to explore new foods, gain cooking skills, and receive ongoing nutrition support. It’s a journey towards kindness to both our bodies and the planet we call home. 🌱🍲

Laura Holland, UK Director at Venner says… the cost of living crisis has significantly increased the need for families to be able to access food support, and we’re committed to ensuring parents and children can enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals that are nutritious and supportive of health and wellbeing.  But wellbeing is about so much more than food, and this is why we’re incredibly excited to be in partnership with Swoperz, and part of their community of kindness, creating a movement that’s empowering families to be kinder to their body’s and kinder to the planet!

Empowering Change through Sustainable Fashion

But our commitment doesn’t end there. Swoperz is not just a preloved marketplace; it’s a movement. Alongside championing essential businesses and causes like the HAF programme, we are raising awareness about our recently launched pre-loved kids clothing marketplace. 🧒👚 The platform encourages children to independently “swop” pre-loved clothing, fostering a sustainable and circular fashion economy. The platform offers everyone the chance to exchange preloved uniforms for free, alleviating families of the burden of additional cost-of-living expenses.

Exciting Horizons: Positive Change for Families in Need

United with Venner, we are enthusiastic about the positive change we can create for families and children in need. Stay tuned as we embark on this incredible journey of kindness, sustainability, and community upliftment. 🌍💙

Charlene Hurlock, co-founder at Swoperz says…Amid the cost-of-living crisis, we’re passionately breaking down barriers. Our partnership is more than just fashion and nutrition; it’s about empowering kids with sustainable habits. Join us in making a positive change – swap school uniforms for free, break those barriers, and embrace a greener, kinder lifestyle! 💚👕