Kids Leading the Way: Navigating the Digital Currency Future with GoHenry and Swoperz

“I was pretty excited when GoHenry reached out to me for my take on the future of digital currency and the potential arrival of the digital pound” writes Swoperz co-founder Charlene Hurlock.

“Kids these days are no strangers to online currencies, especially when they’re immersed in games like Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft. That’s why, when we brainstormed how the whole swapping thing would work on Swoperz, we wanted to be a bit of a trailblazer. So, we went with tokens as our currency of choice. It not only ensures a safe and secure shopping experience but also imparts some financial wisdom to the youngsters, teaching them the art of budgeting💰💡”

“In the context of digital spending among youngsters, GoHenry’s research reveals some eye-opening statistics. In 2022, GoHenry kids collectively spent £2.1 million on the gaming platform Roblox alone, with an average annual spend of £44.00 per gamer. These figures become even more significant when you consider that the largest group of Roblox users, at 29%, falls within the 9-12-year-old age range, and an additional 25% of players are even younger.”

For further information, please explore the full GoHenry feature here.

Written by Charlie Hurlock